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Organizational level


Below you will find the steps to help you assess your mental health.

Determine: Is my workplace an environment which supports well-being?

01 Step one

There are six key domains of work design often associated with mental health and well-being. By taking each one in turn, you can identify areas where your workplace supports well-being and where it does not.

Note: We have included some examples in each domain to help assess the risks in a dental workplace, but these are not exhaustive, nor applicable or relevant to every situation.

Tip: Use this assessment tool to help identify the key areas of work design pertaining to your workplace in your country specific context.

Step one is to identify which of these areas is applicable to your dental workplace and to risk assess your situation.

01 Demands


Appointment schedules
Waiting lists

Work patterns

Work/life balance
Appointment book structure
Chaotic work patterns

Working environment

Ventilation and temperature controlork patterns
Support for healthy living

02 Control

How much control does the individual have?
How much control does the team have?
Work patterns
Working environment

03 Support

Clinical support
Training availability
Peer support, particularly if it is a small isolated dental clinic

04 Relationship

Team relationships
Positive working environment
Open communication
Learning vs blame culture

05 Role

Defining roles
Maintaining roles

06 Change

Communicating change
Managing change

Check the next step

Recommendations to take action to improve mental health and well-being in your team.