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Individual level


Below you will find guidance to discuss and share your experience.


03 Step three

Sharing your experience and thoughts about stress in the workplace, as well as talking about how you are feeling and the impact on your mental well-being, can have a positive impact.

The social support provided by other people can help in two ways:

  • Practical support. Advice and support in tackling the stresses and strains of practice.
  • Emotional support. Empathic acknowledgement of the impact that workplace stress is having on the individual’s life.

Both are important and both should be offered.

Seek out opportunities to meet other people in your profession, through engaging with national dental organizations, or forming local groups of dental practices. Also consider having regular meetings with your practice team to explore the impact of your workplace on members’ stress – see also the “Section for use by organizations and workplaces in dentistry to support well-being”.

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